Base Lab Tools offers a wide assortment of optical posts and post holders. Currently Ø1/2″ post and post holders are offered and both Ø1″ & Ø1.5″ posts are coming soon. Optical posts are essential for mounting optical components. Both the Ø1/2″ and the Ø1″ optical posts provide #8-32 and and 1/4-20 mounting holes on the ends while the Ø1.5″ mounting posts provide 1/4-20 tapped holes on both ends. All of these stainless steel optical mounting posts come in a variety of lengths from mounting posts as short as 1/2″ long to optical stainless steel posts up to 14″ long.

In addition to the Ø1/2″ posts, Ø1″ posts and Ø1.5″ posts this section includes various mounting brackets and hardware used with the posts including post holders, right angle brackets and post clamps.