PST series stainless steel Ø12.7mm posts are a standard component in any photonics lab. One end is tapped M4 and the other M6. Each post is supplied with an M4 set screw.

A 6mm cross-drilled hole is provided to aid in tightening and loosening the post. These posts are priced to make the buying decision easy.

Discount pricing is offered at quantities as low as 10 pieces.

Posts · Mounting Posts · 12.7mm Stainless Steel Posts

Item #DescriptionStatusPriceBuy
PST075-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 75mm LongIn stock$5.20$110.49PST075-M Metric Ø12.7mm Post 75mm Long
PST450-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 450mm LongIn stock$16.20$344.25PST450-M Ø12.7mm Optical Post 450mm Long
PST300-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 300mm LongIn stock$10.20$216.75PST300-M Ø12.7mm Optical Post 300mm Long
PST250-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 250mm LongIn stock$8.50$180.62PST250-M Ø12.7mm Optical Post 250mm Long
PST200-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 200mm LongIn stock$7.70$163.63PST200-M Ø12.7mm Optical Post 200mm  Long
PST150-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 150mm LongIn stock$6.40$135.99PST150-M Ø12.7mm Optical Post 150mm Long
PST100-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 100mm LongIn stock$5.50$116.87PST100-M  Ø12.7mm Optical Post 100mm Long
PST050-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 50mm LongIn stock$4.90$104.13PST050-M Ø12.7mm Optical Post 50mm Long
PST025-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 25mm LongIn stock$4.50$95.62PST025-M Ø12.7mm Optical Post 25mm Long
PST018-MØ12.7mm Stainless Steel Post - 18 mm LongIn stock$4.50$95.62PST018-M Ø12.7mm Optical Mounting Post 18mm Long