• Ø25.4mm Nonmagnetic Solid Stainless Steel Post
  • Ø31.8mm Pedestal Base
  • Tapped M4 on Both Sides
  • Relief Cut on Both Ends to Ensure Proper Seating
  • Compatible with CLF Clamping Forks and CLC1 Pedestal Clamps
These Ø25.4mm stainless steel pedestal posts are used in applications where rigidity and stability are most critical. Mounting critical components on these fixed height non-magnetic, stainless steel pedestal posts over Ø12.7mm posts can provide a more stable starting point for an optical setup. These can be secured to an optical table using Base Lab Tools clamping forks or compact pedestal post clamps. These nonmagnetic, stainless steel posts have M4 taps on both sides. The post also has a Ø1/4″ hole through the middle to allow a ball driver or L-­wrench to be inserted providing extra leverage when tightening or loosening the post. A relief cut has been provided on both ends to ensure proper seating.

Right Angle Bracket • Breadboard Bracket • 90 Degree Bracket