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3/16"-127 Fine Adjustment Matched Pair - 1.00 in (1 in) Long

3/16″-127 Fine Adjustment Matched Pair – 1.00 in (1 in) Long


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0.38″ Long 3/16″-127 Fine Adjustment Screws. Base Lab Tools offers the finest 127 TPI (200 µm/rev) screws available.

Shipped from stock and made in the USA. Screws and bushings are sold as matched pairs.

  • 3/16″-127 Fine Adjustment Screw
  • Epoxy Free and Better than Class 3A
  • Bushings and Screws Designed to be Interchangeable
  • 0.38″ to 2″ Shipped from Stock
  • Made in the USA
  • Up to 7” long by special request

These 0.38 inch long 3/16-127 match screw and bushing pairs are ideal for more sensitive applications where standard 80 TPI and 100 TPI threads are not sufficient. With a pitch of 200 µm/revolution, micron and better resolution is attainable.

These screws are sold pre-paired to a bushing at the factory to assure the tightest fit possible and prevent debris from being caught in the threads.   

For higher adjustment resolution consider our 200 and 254 TPI versions.

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