Base Lab Tools thick solid aluminum breadboards provide extra rigidity in application where required. Our 3/4″ thick breadboards still have a full 1″ grid of 1/4-20 tapped holes (25 mm grid of M6 tapped holes for metric parts) and at least 5 counter bore mounting holes. Base Lab Tools “Thick” series of solid aluminum breadboards are 50% thicker, and offered and great stock pricing.

Looks great, but still not exactly what’s needed? Let us make it custom to suit your needs. We can produce a solid aluminum breadboard 48″ x 96″. Need a solid aluminum breadboard thicker than 3/4″? We can do that too. Submit your drawing via our Custom Aluminum Breadboard Request Page.


3/4 in Thick Aluminum Breadboard • Extra Rigid Solid Aluminum Optical Breadboard